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Best Landscape company in Chennai

Residential and Cooperative Landscape Management

Landscape management deals with maintaining residential and commerciall yards. This includes tasks like planting trees and shrubs, treating the grass and soil so the ground cover is healthy and uniform, and utilizing a diverse mix of design elements to create a pleasing appearance for the property.


At win landscapes, we have established numerous Guides and Procedures for each phase of the project, and we are prepared for any situation with ready contingency plans. To ensure a smooth and worry-free project flow, we have risk analysis procedures in place.


We even have post-construction maintenance and management service plans in place to ensure that we continue to provide the best service possible.

Landscape Garden Service

A landscape irrigation system's principal purpose is to guarantee that water is distributed consistently and evenly throughout a given area. Every homeowner's landscape designer in Chennai comes with unique water solutions. Our professionals consider the form, size, and kind of grass when constructing specific irrigation systems. Our landscaping irrigation systems are unquestionably long-lasting and tailored to the needs of each property. We specialize in creating efficient, environmentally sustainable, and cutting-edge watering systems

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Garden Maintenance

Keeping a garden clean may be a major undertaking. Maintaining the garden properly simply adds to the difficulty. winlandscapes has come up with the best services for you to pick from to keep you away from these issues. Our crew is in charge of maintaining and managing your garden so that it continues to look its best and provides aesthetic delight. Our garden maintenance service guarantees that it is working properly, like plants without water will begin to wither in a matter of days. Our professionals will tend to your garden to encourage plant growth and development.

Kitchen Garden Services

Kitchen gardening is all about adding a personal touch to your home. Everyone loves a contribution of homegrown vegetables, particularly if you can pick them on the same day as cooking them. At a time when many people are concerned with healthy living, local food sources, and saving money, kitchen gardening is becoming more and more popular

Best Landscape company in Chennai
Best Landscape company in Chennai

Vertical Garden Services

Vertical gardens are becoming increasingly popular due to their low-maintenance requirements. Vertical garden services are one of the most recent green trends because of their ability to complement any décor. winlandscapes is a pioneer in this industry, giving creative designs to its clients with years of experience. To begin, our team assists clients in identifying the concepts that they have in their heads. After determining their preferences, we proceed to create a plan, which we implement once our client accepts. Then we'll build your design, promising to make your garden seem just how you imagined it. To maintain the garden looking well, we propose that our clients use our maintenance services.

Balcony Garden

A balcony garden can add a splash of color to your home. Our team at winlandscapes excels at creating exceptional balcony gardens of any size. We develop experience in selecting the optimal location and plants for your lifestyle. A balcony garden not only improves air quality, which is good for your physical and mental health, but it also adds to the house's aesthetic appeal. The balcony garden can be as large or as little as the gardener's imagination allows. It can be as simple as a few railing baskets to as complex as several pots and vertical gardens that cover every inch of wall space. Furthermore, our crew guarantees to transform your balcony spaces into beautiful gardens based on your preferences.

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Best Landscape company in Chennai

Terrace Garden

Despite the fact that the concept of a terrace garden is relatively new in India, people have quickly adapted to it. winlandscapes, on the other hand, is a pioneer in this field, providing urban landowners with low-maintenance, visually beautiful, and cost-effective terrace gardens. Due to the shortage of space in urban residences, our skilled staff takes every effort to maximize the existing space and transform it into a beautiful garden. A terrace garden is one of several options for bringing greenery into your home or office.

Backyard Garden

The act of transforming outside space into a productive and usable area for the family, as well as a habitat for plants and animals who would otherwise be displaced by urban growth, is known as backyard gardening.


Growing fruit, vegetables, and herbs for personal consumption, as well as generating beauty and diversity for bird and insect life with lovely flower beds, are all aspects of backyard gardening.

Best Landscape company in Chennai
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Courtyard Garden

Any outdoor space enclosed by the walls of a home or another structure is known as a courtyard. A courtyard garden can be completely walled on four sides, with a gate or another entrance, or it might be open on three sides. For example, you might have a semi-enclosed room as an entryway to your house's front door. In a courtyard, you can create any type of garden you choose, from a formal French-style garden to a more free-form cottage garden or native environment. Only the constraints of the courtyard, such as space, soil, and even sunlight owing to the walls, will limit your garden. You may create any style of garden you want by designing around these elements.

Front Yard

The first thing neighbors and visitors see is your front yard, and it's your finest chance to make a good first impression. A front yard used to be composed of a green lawn, a few foundation shrubs, a cement road, and a path leading to the front door. This underutilized and frequently disregarded outdoor space offers numerous opportunities as well as distinct design problems.


There is no one-size-fits-all approach to landscaping a front yard. It all depends on the style you want to achieve and how you intend to use the space. winlandscapes, to help you start reviving your front yard.

Best Landscape company in Chennai
Best Landscape company in Chennai

Wall Garden

Wall garden refers to gardens that are placed on a wall or walls with various plants.

Plants growing in the crevices of stones and hanging down the face of drywall are becoming increasingly popular in English gardens.

Although drywall is an interesting component of a landscape garden, it is not particularly prevalent in India, maybe due to a lack of space.

Apartment Garden

The garden created in the common area of an apartment complex to which all apartment dwellers have access is known as an apartment garden. You can have a kitchen garden, terrace garden, or balcony garden in your flat, but having a beautiful garden in the common shared area is a wonderful feeling that serves as a bond between all apartment dwellers. There, you can grow flowering plants, vegetables, fruits, and even trees.

Best Landscape company in Chennai
Best Landscape company in Chennai

House Garden

House gardens can vary in size from a balcony to a large, highly productive wilderness. House gardening is one of our main specialties, offering the quality and professionalism that only the landscape industry can provide.

Medicine Garden Service

The practice of growing medicinal herbs at home is known as medicine gardening. This technique requires skill in horticulture and an understanding of the therapeutic uses of plants.

Best Landscape company in Chennai
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Stone Laying

The walkway will dramatically improve the curb appeal of your property and give a way for you and your guests to get to your front door, ensuring proper circulation. It will act as your home's entrance.

Garden Fence

Enclosures, space articulation, and retaining components are all possible uses for fences and walls. The most widely utilized materials are brick, stone, and concrete. Grills made of wood or metal can also be used to separate paths from planting areas and lawn areas.

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Best Landscape company in Chennai

Hanging Garden

Hanging gardens are indoor gardens that are suspended above the ground. The plants may be arranged over multiple levels on a built-in trellis or in baskets that hang from the ceiling and spill down like a cascade


A pergola is an outdoor structure made up of columns that support a beam and rafter roofing grid. This roofing grid can either be left open or covered to provide a weather-protected area. Pergolas can stand alone or be attached to a house.

Best Landscape company in Chennai
Best Landscape company in Chennai

Privacy Area Garden

Landscape services for your privacy areas. We construct privacy area gardens for a wide range of commercial and residential clients.

Water Features

We provide water or fire features like fountains, waterfalls, ponds, or fire pits and post-maintenance services for them. This type of service takes some specialized knowledge

Best Landscape company in Chennai
landscape architects in Chennai


Landscapers use hardscaping to add long-lasting features to a garden, such as fountains, concrete benches, and even firepits.

Common hardscaping services include:

  • Patio installation: Constructing a patio on ground level involves building a base, adding a setting bed, and laying the paving. It includes services such as grading, planning, and detailing for a complete experience.

  • Deck installation: Above-ground deck construction begins with an on-site consultation during which measurements are taken. The deck is then designed and planned, and the foundation and structure are built.

  • Fence construction: Fences are made up of posts that are connected by boards, wires, rails, or netting. Create technical drawings, dig holes for fence posts, set the posts in concrete, and secure the framework to the posts to build a fence.

  • Retaining wall installation: Retaining walls support soil at an angle that it normally couldn’t maintain on its own. This type of installation necessitates careful planning and design to ensure that the wall (and the soil) remain in place.

  • Path or driveway installation:It involves the planning, designing, and construction of custom paths and driveways. Paving the area with brick, concrete, bluestone, flagstone, or another hard material is a common method.

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